Call for Film Submissions: 12 September - 30 March 2019

Welcome to the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, the city where everything exists, and every character has its own home.

Jakarta Film Awards warmly greets all enthusiastic filmmakers to spread the artistic value and inspiration their films bring.

Apart from its status as the capital of Indonesia with its skyscrapers in the heart of the city, Jakarta has a long history and complex culture. Diving deeply into the historical value of our nation, Jakarta has become one of the vital places where Indonesian heroes fought for their freedom and honor.

Jakarta Film Awards (JFA) wishes to play a role in the film industry and to help filmmakers, both independent and professional, to soar their film internationally and make it famous throughout the region.

Jakarta Film Awards encourages newcomers, travelers, history lovers, and adventurers from any part of the world to compete for best film.

We will consider short and feature-length narrative and documentary film in various genres but think highly of culture, traditional, and heroic films, as well as inspiring film and documentaries that are well executed with excellent cinematography and carries unique and strong voice. We also accept individual categories, such as for directors, cinematographers, actors and actresses, editors, screenwriters.

The Festival has been partnering with the largest cinemas in Indonesia, several international culture centers, and private institutions. Jakarta Film Awards will conduct a famous and prestigious Awards Night, press conference, filmmaking workshop, and screenings. International filmmakers, mass media, mass media, government bodies, and celebrities will be invited.

All winners and accepted filmmakers and members are warmly greeted to take part in the Festival event.
Jakarta Film Awards is accepting submission now.