This is a call for all filmmakers from Yogyakarta, the center of education with a friendly culture and deep in historical value; a place where classical Javanese art mix with modern culture in its artwork, drama, music, and puppetry. The culture is beautified with refined arts, batik, and handicrafts.

Yogyakarta exhibits remarkable landmarks and traditional architectural buildings enriched with spiritual notes. The ancient Hindu temples of Prambanan, the magnificent Borobudur temple, and the magical Sultanate Kraton are making the city one of a must-go tourist destination places.

It has been nearly seven years since the World Film Awards first launch their festival to help passionate filmmakers star their film and documentaries. The Festival has been seeking inspiring and informative films and documentaries to build a better world through filmmaking. The World Film Awards is now welcoming its sister festival, the Yogyakarta Film Awards (YAFA) to take part in the film industry and to help both independent and professional filmmakers to soar their film internationally and make it famous throughout the region.

Yogyakarta Film Awards encourage newcomers, travelers, history lovers, and adventurers from any part of the world to compete for best film.

We are searching for narrative and documentary films in various genres but in great search for culture and traditional theme, historical and heroic films, films containing the architectural theme, social issues, and all inspiring film and documentaries that are well executed with excellent cinematography and carries unique and strong voice.

The Festival has been partnering with the largest cinemas in Indonesia, several international culture centers, and private institutions. Yogyakarta Film Awards will conduct a famous and prestigious Awards Night,  workshops, and screenings. International filmmakers, mass media, government bodies, and celebrities will be invited.

All winners and accepted filmmakers and members are warmly greeted to take part in the Festival event.

Yogyakarta Film Awards is accepting submission now.