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Platinum Award Winners:

Acadian Music Wave, directed by Phil Comeau - Documentary Feature

Social Class Stratification and Mobility in the World directed by Banning K Lary - Documentary Short

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Award of Recognition:

The Mystery of the King of Kinema, directed by Elio Quiroga - Documentary Feature

The Construction of 'Singapore' in Singapore Cinema, directed by Jeanine Lim - Documentary Newcomer

IT WAS ALL JUST A GOOD DREAM, directed by  Branko Istvancic - Documentary Feature

On the track of Robert van Gulik, directed by Rob Rombout -  Documentary Feature

Magna Graecia: the Griko of Apulia, directed by Billy Cotsis, Basil Genimahaliotis -  Documentary Short

My first day in Weimar, directed by Marina Belikova - Animation

Lessons on Humanity, directed by Branko Istvancic - Documentary Short

- The winners list is subject to change
- The Festival will also screen films in Out of Competition section