World Documentary Awards is the sister festival of the World Film Awards. By establishing this festival, we hope to exhibit the winning international documentary films to the Indonesian and international audience, bolster filmmakers’ assurance to give their best for the film industry, and prevail the film industry internationally.

The festival is opened for professionals and newcomers in the industry globally. Various languages with English subtitles or dubbing are welcome.

Truth well captured in an excellent cinematic motion is art documentary filmmakers struggle to achieve. The Festival greets all documentary filmmakers to show their talents and passions through their films. We are looking for intelligent, well-produced, smartly edited documentary films from any type of true-life films that engage in interesting storytelling, and could be mixed with a dramatic situation. Documentary filmmakers have a series of categories entries to enter and to widen their chances to win; they are offered with the cost-effective Package-of-Five.

The World Film Awards group is partnering with the largest movie theater chain in Indonesia, international culture centers, and several private institutions and organizations. We will conduct prestigious awards day, press conference, workshops, and screenings that will be attended by international filmmakers, mass media, mass media, government bodies, and celebrities. All winners and accepted filmmakers and members are welcomed at these events and we will acknowledge attending filmmakers with specific physical awards.

You can reach us at: worlddocumentaryawards[at]gmail.com