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directed by Kate McIntyre Clere, Michael McIntyre


Platinum Award Winners:

After the Sewol, directed by Matthew Root, Neil George - Documentary Feature

Dr. Chan Cheng, directed by Jianya Zhang - Documentary Feature

Trainee Filmmakers, directed by Sammy Nutt - Documentary Short

Mrityubhoj - The Death Feast, directed by Akanksha Sood - Documentary Short, Emerging Documentarian

Kangaroo, directed by Kate McIntyre Clere, Michael McIntyre - Documentary Feature

Sled Dogs, directed by Fern Levitt - Documentary Feature

The Boy who started the Syrian War, directed by Abo Bakr Al Haj Ali, Jamie Doran - Documentary Newcomer

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Golden Award Winners:

Mrityubhoj - The Death Feast, directed by Akanksha Sood - Story

Sauerkraut And Sushi - Traveling Germany With A Japanese (2 parts) directed by Klaus Scherer - Director

The Commodore Story, directed by Steven Fletcher - Documentary Feature

The Legend of the Ugly King, directed by Hüseyin Tabak - Documentary Feature

Award of Merit Winners:

1000 Hands of the Guru: Saving Bhutan's Sacred Arts, directed by Tobias Reeuwijk - Documentary Feature

Alalá (Happyness), directed by Remedios Málvarez - Documentary Feature

Deadlock, directed by Harutyun Khachatryan - Documentary Feature

From the Other Shore, directed by Jean-Claude Banys - Documentary Short

Man vs Birds, directed by Kylie Tan, Priscilla Goh - Documentary Newcomer

She Objects, directed by Nicola Fan - Documentary Newcomer

The Run, directed by Anupam Sharma - Documentary Feature

Treasures of the Past, directed by Oliver Langewitz - Documentary Feature

Water, directed by Mark Knight - Documentary Short

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