Java Film Awards (JAFIFA) is looking for the hidden artistic talents from the adventurers, art and culture lovers, and history lovers. JAFIFA welcomes all passionate filmmakers to compete for their best films at our Festival.

Java Film Awards is an international film festival, which is the sister of the World Film Awards. After successfully organizing various international festival activities, World Film Awards finally decided to launch an international film festival, and for this coming event, to be held in Semarang, Central Java, a place famous for its historical places.

JAFIFA's goal is to entertain and serve the global world with unique and excellent films and documentaries. Java Film Awards greets all filmmakers, both professionals and newcomers from any part of the world to submit their jeweled films.

Java Film Awards accepts short and feature-length narrative and documentary film in various genres. Individual categories, such as for directors, cinematographers, actors/actresses, editors, screenwriters are also available for the exceptional filmmakers to be more distinctive in their competition. A various languages films with English subtitles or dubbed films are welcome.

Partnering with the largest cinemas in Indonesia, several international culture centers, and private institutions, JAFIFA will conduct prestigious awards night, press gatherings, press conference, workshop, and screenings attended by international filmmakers, mass media, mass media, government bodies, and celebrities. All winners and accepted filmmakers and members are welcomed at the Festival events.

Java Film Awards is open to receive submission now. Make your outstanding film becomes internationally well-known through our Festival.



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