2015 Festival:

The festival of the season will start from Wednesday, 27 May 2015 until Friday, 5 June 2015. Winning movies will be screened at our partner institutions based on juries’ selection.

Juries will choose overall winner and gives Golden Awards and Awards of Merit.

The festival will grant awards during the Awards Day in Jakarta.

Other awards will be available but only depends on the sponsorship of the festival partners.

During the festival, we will conduct screenings, filmmaking workshops, and press conference. All winning filmmakers, mass media, government bodies, and celebrities are warmly welcome, free of charge.

WINNERS 2014 See winner 2013


Directed by Jamil Dehlavi, Pakistan


30 ˝, Best Newcomer
"(an) Other", Best Newcomer
Agnus Dei, Best International Film
Distanza, Best International Film
Doomsday.Party, Best Newcomer
E-Motion, Best International Documentary
EXpatZ, Best Editing
Gift, Best Story / Best Newcomer / Best International Film
In the End, Best Newcomer
Jinnah, Best International Film
Melina con rabbia e con sapere, Best International Film
Melisenda, Best International Film
Milk & Honey, Best International Film
Money Box, Best Newcomer
Oh, baby! Baby?, Best Story
On the Streets of London, Best Story
Parallel Maze, Best Director/Best International Film
Pied Piper, Best International Film
Quem se Importa / Who Cares? , Best International Documentary
Rasa Dari Tari/The Soul of Dance, Best International Documentary
Rise of the Eco-Warriors, Best International Documentary
Roulette, Best Actress
Sad Monster, Best International Film/Best Newcomer
Sayang Disayang "My beloved dearest", Best Cinematography/Best Story
Super Salary Man, Best International Film/Best Director/Best Newcomer
The Kiss of Lady X, Best International Film/Best Director
The Precipice, Best International Film
The Promise, Best International Film/Best Story
Tuesday, Best Actor
Where We Belong, Best Newcomer


Broken Angels, Best International Film
"(an) Other", Best Director/Best International Film
"Fallen Angel", Best Director/Best Cinematography/Best Actress/Best Editing/Best Newcomer
$5 Bollywood Short Film, Best International Film
A Kiwi Family Christmas, Best International film/Best Director/Best Actress/Best Story/Best Newcomer
A Letter To The World From Bart To Jane, Best International Film/Best Newcomer
Abroad, Best International Film
Crossroads: labor pains of a new world view, Best International Documentary
Divine Wind, Best International Film/Best Director/Best Cinematography/Best Editing/Best Story
Echoes of Time, Best International Film
EXpatZ, Best International Film/Best Director/Best Story/Best Newcomer
Finding Billy!, Best Newcomer
Frangipani, Best Newcomer
Gift, Best International Film/Best Director/Best Editing
Horseplay, Best Newcomer
Humanexus, Best Director
It's Everybody's Ocean, Best International Documentary
Jail Caesar, Best Director/Best Cinematography/Best Actor/Best Editor/Best Story
Just an acquaintance, Best International Films/Best Director/Best Actor/Best Story/Best Newcomer
King Gesar, Best International Documentary
Light on the Lotus Hill, Best Newcomer
Night of the Hungry Ghost, Best Story
On the Streets of London, Best Editing/Best Director/Best Cinematography/Best Actor/Best International Film
Predators Paradise, Best International Documentary
Probation Order, Best International Films/Best Director/Best Editing/Best Story/Best Newcomer
Roulette, Best International Film/Best Newcomer/Best Story/Best Editing
Samurai on the Line, Best International Film
Shtax'heen Kwaan: A Rededication, Best Newcomer
Sick World, Best International Documentary
Skile, Best Story/Best International Documentary
Skinheads in Love, Best Director/Best International Film
Soul of the Forest, Best International Documentary
Super Salary Man, Best Editing/ Best Story
Swollen Feet, Best Newcomer
The Forgiving Earth: Voices from Detroit's Urban Farms, Best International Documentary
The Harbor Story, Best Newcomer
The Help, Best Director
The Hunting, Best Director/Best International Film
The Journalist, Best Director
The Kiss of Lady X, Best Actor/Best Editing/Best Actress
The Magic of India, Best International Documentary
The Other Realm, Best Newcomer
The People Living in HADENYA, Best International Documentary
The Promise, Best Director
Tuesday, Best Director
Waves, Best International Film
Welcome to Jarbo State, Best International Documentary

Screening schedule 2014